The “Only About You” project is a story about first love

Everything is mixed in it: a beautiful lyrical composition, picturesque landscapes of the inimitable nature of the Caucasus and, of course, the happy faces of the main characters of the video. That was exactly what the singer Helena Tsaritsa saw the clip from, which in each of the stages of the project’s creation invested a part of her soul ...

Shot from Elena Tsaritsa's video “Only about you”
Shot from Elena Tsaritsa's video “Only about you”

“It all started when the author Maxim Temirsultanov called me and offered his song. When I read the text, I saw in it a story from my life and from the life of each of us. After all, we all once in our youth met our first love, with its complexities, experiences, joy and sadness. With the permission of the author, I introduced minor adjustments to the text and to the music, as I myself graduated from the music school and the Stavropol Regional Music College named after Safonov. We have a great tandem: Maxim Temirsultanov and Elena Lysova, who harmoniously complemented the elegant arranger from Makhachkala - Ramiz, ”says Elena.

Shooting the video was scheduled for the summer. Suitable locations - selected landscapes of Upper Balkaria - a village in the Cherek region of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Elena Tsaritsa: "The plot of the video" Only About You "came to my mind as an insight .."
Elena Tsaritsa: “The plot of the video“ Only About You ”came to my mind as an insight ..”

“The plot of the clip came to my mind like an insight,” the singer recalls. “The fact is that I myself thought over the scenario and the storyline and was involved in the selection of actors, because my second degree was directing, dramaturgy of theatrical mass performances, amateur theater. I had an internship in many theaters in Moscow, I was lucky to even see and hear the late Alexander Abdulov. So my experience in theatrical work is extensive, and this played a role.

I invited a talented, professional cameraman to bring my idea to life: George Grigoriadis - the man who actually filmed all the material and created the whole shot in the frame! For our project, he has a separate “bravo!” Because it was a pleasure to work with him! ”

But the roles of the main characters of the clip went to the artists of Pyatigorsk Theater of the Young Spectator. What is remarkable, in her youth Elena played her pupil - Sofia Atmacheva, who once came to the vocal studio of the children's theater of the song “Smile”:

“She was then 4 of the year,” Elena recalls, “we studied, sang, she participated in many music competitions. It was also the winner of the program "Morning Star", which once led Yuri Nikolaev. And here our cooperation with Sonia is still ongoing.

Shot from Elena Tsaritsa's video “Only about you”
Shot from Elena Tsaritsa's video “Only about you”

In general, these actors are my pride! With all the mise en scenes, they handled very cool, easy and at ease. Therefore, it turned out so beautiful, bright picture! ”.

But, what is beautiful in the frame, behind the scenes is often both risky and dangerous. So it happened on the set of the video “Only about you”. Elena said that the weather in those days was very hot, and under the scorching sun they had to spend 8-9 hours a day, which was fraught with burns, and she returned home at a temperature of forty.
In one scene, the singer also had to stand barefoot at a cliff. There was an abyss behind her and everyone literally held their breath while she boldly played her part.

Shot from Elena Tsaritsa's video “Only about you”
Shot from Elena Tsaritsa's video “Only about you”

“Thank God, everything went well. There were moments when I myself had to row in a boat in the middle of the lake in order to stay there and be alone. In general, of course, the work was great! Moments, let's face it, it was scary - balancing accounted for on the edge of life and death. All these mountains, gorges, rocks ... But this is such a beauty! I think everything turned out great. And, of course, none of this would have happened if it had not been for the support of my close friends who were always there. My close friend, the photographer Madina Dzarasova, did a tremendous job: from the collection of costumes in which we shot, images, to the search for locations. Under the hot sun, she, along with the actors, climbed the mountains and helped the camera crew. Her help is invaluable! And a special thanks to my close friend, who fed us, gave us water, brought me to senses, to a man who for me was a good help, rear and shoulder — Arkady Safaryan. All that came out in the end is our joint work and I am very pleased with the result! ”

And now you can enjoy the work of a large team of professionals - the clip “Only about you” is already available for viewing here on the website and on our youtube channel, and the track can be listened to and downloaded on all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline, Yandex. Music.

The track is also available in the BOOM application for social network users. VK и Classmates.