Gente de Zona rejoice with the new album "En Letra de Otro"

Friends! Recently, we have loaded you with classical music and metal ...
The moment has come for the rest !!! Have you missed the sea, the sun, the hot sand? We, too! Welcome to the beach party under the scorching Cuban sun, in which the unique Cuban band Gente de Zona will perform in front of you.

History of Gente de Zona and the Cubaton

What is unique about the band Gente de Zona, which works in the quite popular genre of Latin American music? It all started pretty simple. Alexander Delgado - the founder of the Gente de Zona group - was born and raised in a very poor area of ​​Havana called Alamar, which is called the “cradle of Cuban hip-hop”. Like all musically gifted people, Alexander had been interested in music since childhood and attended the open-air festival every year. At school, he was considered a very good performer.

After school, Alexander, together with Michael Delgado, organized a group that performed on small venues and in local houses of culture, gradually attracting more and more attention and winning more and more fans. After Michael left the band in 2005, Alexander invited Jacob and Fernando. The decision of the artists to mix several styles (hip-hop and reggaeton) with Cuban rhythms gave a stunning result. The resulting genre has become known as a cubed. The press calls "Gente de Zona" classics of this trend.

В 2005 году после успеха сингла «Pa’ la», группа выпустила свой первый одноименный альбом, обративший на себя внимание кубинской публики. А уже в 2006 году коллектив выстрелил супер-хитами «Soñé» и «La Campaña», которые стали очень популярны как на Кубе, так и среди поклонников кубинской музыки за рубежом.
In the following 6 years, Gente de Zona actively released albums and toured Cuba, and even performed the first tour in America, Canada and held two concerts in Paris.

In 2012, instead of leaving the group Jacob and Fernando, Delgado quickly invited Randy Malcolm from the then popular La Charanga Habanera. “Gente de Zona” continued musical creativity with various musicians such as Chino & Nacho, Fanny Lu, Juan Magán and Los Cadillacs, but wide international fame came to them after collaborating with Armando Christian Perez (Pitbull), the track “Vacaciones” and Dominican rapper Edward E. Bello Pou ("El Cata"), the track "Con la Ropa Puesta". These compositions have become popular hits in Latin countries.

In the future, Gente de Zona confidently walked to the top of the charts. Work with Enrique Iglesis (song “Bailando”), collaboration with Puerto Rican singer and composer Marc Anthony. All this turned out to be very successful for “Gente de Zona”. Two collaborations: La Gozadera (more than 1 000 000 000 views on YouTube) and Traidora (more than 300 000 views) firmly occupied the first places in the Billboard charts.
Therefore, friends !! Listen, dance and enjoy incendiary Cuban rhythms !!