Fahri Cafarli has released a new song - "Türkiyem".

According to the artist, this is a patriotic composition that colorfully describes the events of the life of the Turkish people.

“The song is called“ Turkey, ”says Fahri,“ the words were written by the poet Hussein Anmak, and the music was written by myself. Here is sung about the power of the Turkish people, its history, character and events that influenced it. We described the life of the Turks from the time of the Ottoman Empire to the present day, and specially made the whole project in the march genre. ”

The track was recorded and published in Turkey by the company “Melodi müzik”, with which the performer has been cooperating not for the first time.

In addition to the song, the arranger of the company also helped Fahri Cafarli with the release of the video. The artist shot and handed over to him the footage, which the specialist mounted in combination with archival video and panoramas of Turkish cities. You can watch and listen to what came out of it right now - the clip “Türkiyem” is available on YouTube!