Today is a charming singer Fati Tsarikayeva is celebrating its 25 Birthday!

Fortunately, this day has passed the artist’s busy work schedule, so she will celebrate the holiday in a narrow circle of relatives and close friends in Vladikavkaz.

“The initiators of the mini-party to be held tonight were my friends. Unfortunately, of course, you will not collect all. But relatives, friends and colleagues, who have long been my good friends, will come today to congratulate me, ”said Fathi.

A childhood birthday was a special holiday for Fati.
A childhood birthday was a special holiday for Fati.

A birthday since childhood was a special holiday for her. Already from an early age, the future star has taught herself to sum up certain results of what has been achieved. And today's date is no exception:

“This is a quarter of a century - 25. Serious date. It seemed that yesterday I had only 19 ... I always push myself, I plan what else I should have time to do, because the clock is ticking! I am glad that some of my ideas have come true, but I cannot say that I have already achieved all the goals I set myself. Therefore, we need to go further, work more. I have this way - even if after the busiest day or week I allow myself to spend time at home, to rest, I soon begin to panic. After all, time is running out, and I do nothing! A certain regime has long been developed that helps me combine leisure with work. I am always in touch: in correspondence, calls, discuss projects. If you want, you can learn it, ”the singer says with a smile.

Like all young girls, Fati seeks to fully build her life, but at the same time, not hurrying her destiny and following her principles: “I think so - she should not look for anyone, it should find her. My personal life is fine. My heart is free. With regards to this, I try not to think anything, only God knows what will happen.

Fati Tsarikayeva: "A girl should not look for anyone, it should find her!"
Fati Tsarikayeva: “A girl should not look for anyone, it should find her!”

I completely give myself to creativity! As long as I have the opportunity, I want to devote myself to this. I have big plans for the future, however banal it may sound. And they are all connected with music. I set myself certain goals, create a so-called “to-do list” and try to stick to it. By the way, it was this year, in my 25, that I clearly realized how self-sufficient a person I was. Thanks for this to my parents! It is very important when family and friends support you in everything and give advice. If it were not for them, my sister and I would not have become who we are today. But again, I will say that this is not the limit, I am not used to be content with what I have. Yes, I overcame a step, but I try to go further. After all, if you stay up at one mass for a long time, don't expect anything good in the future. You have to go, strive, do and do! ”

That is why Fathi never sits still. An active girl, in addition to vocal activity, also devotes herself to charity projects. One of them, she is just preparing now with friends. According to the artist, it’s not long to wait for its implementation.

Well, today we heartily congratulate Fati Tsarikayeva on her birthday and wish her bright plans and dreams to come true, and the road of life to be bright, long, full of love and happiness!