Singer released a new track in the Adyg language

Hearing the name of the new song Fatima Dzibovoy, admirers of her work necessarily mentally address the song to the singer's husband - a famous Caucasian performer Azamat Bishtov. And they will be partly right, because one of the reasons to record a track called “Azamat” was a surprise dedication on his birthday. But, as Fatima says, she loved the song to the verses of Zarema Khakunov and the music of Asker Gonezhuka since childhood.

Listen and download the song "Azamat" by Fatima Dzibova

Fatima Dzibova
Fatima Dzibova

“I really liked to listen to the song“ Azamat ”when I was little. Probably the very fate I was destined to write it in a more conscious age, - Fatima says with a smile, - this is a very beautiful, lyrical composition with a deep content. In her with tenderness and sincerity is sung about love for a man named Azamat. I hope she will touch the hearts of all lovers, all men named Azamat and those who are near them. ”

From today, the new track by Fatima Dzibovoy is available on all major music services.

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