Danish singer MØ has released a new album "Forever Neverland"

19 October 2018 was a popular singer from Denmark as MØ (real name Karen Marie Oersted) released a solo album called “Forever Neverland”, which became the second studio release after the debut album “No Mythologies to Follow”, which was released in 2014 year. The new album includes 14 songs, including a joint performance with an American DJ Diplo (real name Thomas Wesley Pentz), the track “Sun In Our Eyes”, and also duets with British singer Charlie XCX (Charlotte Emma Aitchison) and Latin American Empress Of (Lawrie Rodriguez).

All the compositions of the album “Forever Neverland” are so different from each other that it is impossible to say for sure in what style MØ is realized in each particular case. Despite the fact that the whole disc is positioned in the pop genre, the attentive listener will notice in it signs of both electronic music, and indie pop and soul.

While we were collecting material for this article, MØ was not asleep and managed to please the world with one more collaboration with an old friend Diplo song called “Stay Open”. Singer Ivan Dorn also took part in the project.

As a conclusion, we propose to watch the video shot for the song “Sun In Our Eyes” from the album “Forever Neverland” in August 2018. In this video, MØ is more lyrical and simple-minded than anywhere else.

I feel sunshine on my head.
The smell of summer in my bed
When we were footprints in the sand,
They licked alcohol and made plans ...
With the sun in our eyes, we should just ride the cloud

Photo: https://www.bt.dk

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