Gilani Stadnik composer, arranger behind instrumental project "Gravity", set to work on new albums. The first one will be called “Unity” and will include exclusively modern electronic music: 6 tracks in the “dark” style and 6 tracks in the “light” style. The second album will be called “The Great Nation” and will include only orchestral music. The album will also include two singles, released jointly with the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” - “My Grozny” and “Highlanders”.

“I am simultaneously writing the 2 album, because I want to make both electronic music, with experiments, and classical music - with harmony, live instruments. I want to simultaneously embrace modern music, which reflects our age, and the one that has remained forever, which helps to touch the history and not to forget its roots. It only helps one another! ”, Gilani says.

But, despite the parallel work on both albums, the musician plans to release them at different times:

"The release of Unity is scheduled after the New Year, and the Great Nation is to be released on October 5 2018 - on the Day of the city of Grozny and the birthday of the leader of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov," the musician explained.

At the moment, 6 tracks from the “Unity” album are already fully prepared, and on the 5 tracks of the “Great Nation” scores are written, which will be sent to Ekaterinburg and St. Petersburg, where they will be recorded by symphony orchestras.

As for the video format, according to the musician, special video sketches will be released for each of the tracks of the Gravity project, including songs from the new two albums.