Today marks 35 years to the singer, composer and arranger, the star of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” - Gilani Stadniku!

As the artist said, he never attaches much importance to his birthday, and therefore is going to celebrate the anniversary modestly:

“I will celebrate with my close people. Unfortunately, with a work schedule it is impossible to meet him with his family. Although the warmest memories of this day are connected with relatives. I remember how my mother collected all the most important photos in one album, which she made herself and presented to me. It was the best gift! ”Recalls Gilani.

Birthday is a good occasion to remember the most pleasant moments of the past years, and to outline plans for the future. Now Stadnik is a very successful composer who works with many famous artists, among them: N. Baskov, N. Gulkina, A. Volochkova, M. Tashaeva, M. Mezhieva, S. Kazanova, AZIRA and many others. At the moment he is actively engaged in his own instrumental project “GRAVITY” - the release of which is scheduled for November 17.

Speaking about the plans, the artist emphasizes:

“This year has been very difficult. Now there are many goals and plans for the future. I implement some of them, and some still have to be implemented. In general, full speed ahead! ”