Gisy Shermetov's song “Mal'h'e” (“Son-in-law”) was released

Artist: Hisa Shermetov @gisa_shermetov
Name: "Malh'e"

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Text songs Gisy Shermetova "Malh'e"

First verse
Qashe ZHINNXXe syzerahue
Zheschi makhui kyza1uek1
Shuzhemy1e si ne daham
Хадэ к1уэц1к1э сыкъок1уэк1
L1ygyu siNNHXer zehizoljer
Dowe ssNNUMXyme, dawe haun?
Phuzo1uate si guheljher
Aue syzapomud

Phi mother huayme Malh'e
Shchygynher pkhuantem dalhe
Nysashe synek1uensch
Lagoon Nax1Esschensch

Second verse
Siphuezenu syphop1asch1e
Zaeskhynu ui zheuap
Fi ueramymkNNXXe syogase
Si gur kueeu kyysfNNXXoljet
Lagunygare shtymtmi guash 1 eu
Dedgyak1ynkyyme Di Zahuaka
Zapydgyash1e t1um Di gushch1er
Zahazgjehi ui zheuap

First verse
Home got married say
That Day that evening they say about it.
But its cute not just say
Past the fence gardens I walk
What is the power gathered in the soul
How to do how to say
All that is in the shower you hear
Just do not interrupt

If your mother is not against your marriage
Pakuy in the chest your dowry
I will send my matchmakers
Your new home is ready

Second verse
Looking forward to you
What would hear your answer
Out on your street
The heart beats on departure from excitement
When you love your heart melts
We will not miss our chance
Tie your life forever

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