About a year fans Angelica Nacheva и Sultan of the Hurricane Waited for this event, with interest watching the filming of a cheerful village story about the professor and his experiment, in which the main characters of the video were involved ...

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How did it all begin?

Once, preparing the program for a new concert, Angelica Nacheva conceived to write a dance track with rapper inserts and invited Sultan to perform it as a duet. He immediately agreed. So was born a joint song, which was first performed on solo concert of the artist. The cheerful composition about the warm days from childhood was successfully received by the public, and the artists decided not to dwell on this, but to make a vivid clip with an interesting story ....

The crew of the video clip "Seeds"
The crew of the video clip "Seeds"

What story is the video about "Seeds" made of?

Especially to the project "Seeds" Sultan Hurricane and Artur Khasanov (director of the film company “Petrucho film production”) wrote an entertaining script, which tells about the ancestor of the inventor of sunflower oil, a professor who decided to create a device called “3000 sunflower seed”. It is on the day of the launch of this car that the hero of Sultan returns to the village, a young and cheerful guy who is joyfully greeted by friends of his childhood. He came not empty-handed, but with a suitcase of seeds “Steep Walker”, intending to treat the residents of the village to the fact that they love so much ...

Sultan Uragan
Sultan Uragan

"Sunflower seeds" is a memory song about childhood, youth. She seems to be saying that time is running out, but some permanent things remain, immutable.

After all, seeds are such an allegory, an emotional connection to the fact that we have to save and carry something through time. It changes, and the seeds have been, are and will remain forever! ”, - comments the artist.

Video clip "Seeds". Sultan Hurricane
Video clip "Seeds". Sultan Hurricane

Where was the video shot and who are the actors?

The audience will surely be satisfied with the place where the video was filmed, because they recognize it from the video “To the disco!”. It is in the locations of the ethnographic museum "Ataman" on the Taman Peninsula again this colorful story was filmed.
In the role of the inhabitants of the village - the actors-dancers of the team "ZOOM dance project", and the professor played the actor Arkady Ayrapetov.

Arkady Ayrapetov
Arkady Ayrapetov

“I am impressed by the choice of locations. Ethnographic museum under the open sky - life size Cossack village!

All the participants of the shooting got great pleasure from the process and from the places where we worked, ”the actor says.

Video clip "Sunflower seeds". Arkady Airapetov
Video clip "Seeds". Arkady Airapetov

Angelica Nacheva and Sultan Hurricane, too, easily coped with their roles. All were passionate about the process, which lasted three days.

As a result, when watching the video “Seeds”, viewers will see both incendiary dances, and a real explosion, and finally find out how the unusual experiment ended ...

Angelica Nachesova
Angelica Nachesova

“I really hope that this clip will help the audience to briefly plunge into their unforgettable past,” Angelica says, “to remember childhood and at least for a moment become happy! If this happens, then our goal will be achieved. "

“All our childhood and our youth passed in the company of friends on benches, in games, in amusements. Snapping seeds, we lived those days carefree and happily, and I was very pleased to return to them at least for a while! I think this song to some extent reflects that time and mood, ”Sultan summed up.

The crew of the video clip "Seeds".
The film crew of the video clip "Seeds".

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