Star of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” Aram Karapetyan presents a novelty - a video for the song "Proud"!

According to the artist, the track was originally conceived as funny, dancing, and therefore the music to the words of Larisa Shahbazyan Aram wrote appropriate. The arrangement was made by the famous Moscow musician Vitaly Romanov, with whom the singer collaborates not for the first year:

“Vitaly and I already have four joint projects:“ Be with me, ”“ Beautiful one, ”the song I performed on the TV show“ Field of Miracles ”, then“ Sponge Scarlet, ”and here’s the new song,“ Proud, ” says Aram.

The song was released simultaneously with the clip, shot in a music studio. According to the singer, the atmosphere on the set was very positive:

“Often, shooting is a complicated, nervous process, coupled with solving various problems that need to be disenchanted in order to work well for the camera. But this time everything went easy and fun! All emotions on the video are sincere. We joked a lot, laughed with the musicians. But they worked in an organized and very clear way. ”

You can watch the clip “Proud” right now on the website or on YouTube channel artist.

The Proud track is available in all digital stores, including iTunes, Apple Music, google play, Yandex music and Beeline Music.