Rapidly burst onto the stage, a young performer Gosha Grachevsky recently visited the office of the music publishing house Zvuk-M. Possessing an incredibly attractive charisma, the singer literally charmed all those present! In life, he is the same the guy from the clip "Crazy Card" - gambling and uncontrollably cheerful.

With the company's specialists, the artist discussed several pressing topics regarding his work and the prospect of further promotion of its fruits.

“The main goal for me at the moment is the release of the first album,” says Gosha, “we discussed in which direction we want to move on, and how to properly accomplish this goal. Now we are actively working on the last song of the stipulated track list and, as soon as it is finished, I will immediately transfer all the material to “Zvuk-M”.

March 23 - Gosha Grachevsky's "Suit" album premiere

Gosha Grachevsky’s debut album will be named “By Suit” and will be released very soon - the release date is set for March 23. Music and lyrics for songs written by a talented author, composer and arranger Timur Kitovwho managed to write compositions for many stars of the Caucasian chanson, including: Azamat Bishtov ("Heart do not tear"), Alika Bogatyreva ("Overseas"), Murat Thagalegov (“I'll take my revenge”), Alexander Gum ("She's gone") and many others.

The album Gosha will include the familiar track “Crazy Card”, as well as 8 of completely new songs, on which the performer has been working hard since the release date of his first song.