A project of popular musician and arranger Gilani Stadnik called “Gravity” was published. A distinctive feature of him was that he was completely instrumental.

The album “Different music”, which has been worked on for 6 years, includes tracks of various styles and orientations, but conceptually united by a single idea.

“The fact is that music is a condition that cannot be touched. She has no space, time, she is not tangible, but she is, and she seems to be floating in the air, in thoughts, in the mind of man. Therefore, I chose this name.
In this album there are a lot of ethno-music, and modern trends, and minimal techno, and classics, there are Orthodox choirs. Crazy collection! ”

Gravity tracks are gaining popularity

Gravity tracks are already gaining popularity now, as the organizers of various events enjoy using them. For example, the composition “Highlanders”, which became the first out-of-album single, was specially written for the opening of the International Youth Judo Championship held in Grozny, and three other compositions sounded at the fashion show brand "Firdaws" at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Moscow.

“I really like what happens,” Gilani comments, “and I plan to continue this experience. Perhaps work in new directions. For example, to devote the next album exclusively to Indian culture, then, perhaps, I will go to Chukchi tunes, or to China, Tibet, which is especially interesting for me. ”

The musician also said that many directions inspired him to create some tracks. Among them, the music "Enigma", classical works by Mozart and Tchaikovsky and, of course, modern trends.

The album “Different music” is already available on all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline, Yandex Music.