In support of the fight to prevent suicide, Greyson Chance has released a video "Good As Gold"

Grayson Michael Chance is a 21-year-old American singer, songwriter and pianist from Texas. The video clip “Good As Gold” - “Good as gold,” is a kind of appeal to young people, whose disappointment in life has reached a dangerous limit.

“You feel sold. I know that it hurts when you don’t know where to go and when you are bound hand and foot by the past that has clung to you. But you must know that you are as good as gold, ”the singer addresses his audience.

The video was shot in the Lakota Indians' compact residence locations - a confederation of seven tribes of the indigenous people of the United States (Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota). Living conditions on the reservation, lack of confidence in the future, low incomes and the well-known social status of Indians made the problem of suicides in this region very acute. In the annotation to the video, the well-known suicide prevention project “BEAR PROJECT” appeals to viewers to make donations to their activities.

Photo: frame from the video "Good As Gold"


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