New track artists dedicated to one of the genres of ancient dance

The ensemble “BZABZA” is a group of musicians and dancers, whose main goal is to popularize ancient instrumental Adyghe-Abkhaz music in modern processing through the experience of orchestral playing and concert practice on national musical instruments.

The repertoire of the ensemble “BZABZA” consists of Adyghe, Abkhaz, Abaza melodies and dances, as well as musical improvisations. Today's premiere - the single "LaPeryfe" is just one of these tracks.

Dedicated to the composition of the traditional dance genre, featuring a complex rhythmic line. Solo instruments - shikapshina, national harmonica and harmonica with the Viennese system. This type of dance has been preserved by several diasporas: Adyghe, Abkhaz and Abaza.

Listen and download the song "Lapery" group "BZABZA"

About the ensemble "BZABZA"

The ensemble “BZABZA” was founded in 2014 in Kabardino-Balkaria by a doctor of philosophical sciences, professor Felix Akhmedovich Kharayev and a master in making ancient Adyg musical instruments, musician Zuber Zaurbievich Eyaz, who became the artistic director and one of the producers of the group.

The ensemble "BZABZA" presented the composition "La Pareife"
The ensemble "BZABZA" presented the composition "La Pareife"

The orchestra consists of instrumental musicians, each of whom is a soloist: Zuber Euaz, Vyacheslav Kunizhev, Diana Apsova, Suzanna Thalidjokova, Onur Nani, Hamidbi Kunizhev.

The sound of the orchestra is unique and has an original color, which is created by the leading instruments of the orchestra: 4-x and 6-string shins, 3-x aping and 4-string, Ossetian harmonica, Batumi.

The uniqueness is also given by the fact that all stringed musical instruments used in the orchestra are made by Zuber Eyaz, who recycles folk musical instruments, perfecting them.

The concert program of the ensemble “BZABZA” is a colorful performance with the alternation of diverse folk instrumental music and dance. The ensemble successfully toured many cities in Russia and abroad with tours.

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