19 April 2018, country duo Sugarland released a new song "Babe"

It is noteworthy that the author of the composition was Taylor Swift, who also performed the vocal part. Let's listen to the novelty - the lyric video on it on the day of the premiere was released on the channel SugarlandVEVO. Nearly one and a half million views in three incomplete days is undoubtedly a merit of Taylor.

Как сообщает williamsonsource.com's premiere took place in preparation for the release of a new Sugarland album titled “BIGGER”, scheduled for the first decade of June 2018. Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush recorded together almost all the songs on the album, with the exception of one - “Babe”, which was written by Taylor Swift and Pat Monahan.

One song for the album has already been laid out on digital platforms and has the same name. Rollingstone.com magazine characterized it as the “exciting title of a promising collection.” We offer to review:

As it is expected, the album “Still The Same” will also be included in the album “BIGGER” with a high degree of probability, the release of which fell on the 2017 year.

Well, in short about the duet Sugarland. It is clear that Taylor Swift knowingly honored them with her attention. Popular online magazine popculture.com (headquartered in a recognized country-rock center - Nashville, Tennessee, USA) quotes jennifer nettles (Jennifer Nettles), who in an interview said literally the following: “We have known each other for many years (referring to Taylor Swift - ed.). When she first started, we just released our first little album called “Premium Quality Tunes”, and we signed her one of the releases during one of the joint shows. And when Taylor found out that we were going to publish a new album, she called and said: “I have a song. Do you want to sing her? ”Well, friends, the list of people to whom she spoke such words is rather small. We, of course, said yes.



Sugarland is a country band playing in the USA. It was formed in 2003 in Atlanta, GA.

Currently a duet of performing authors: Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush. In the first line-up, she also played Kristen Hall, gone three years later. The band's three albums were No. 1 on Billboard 200, and 4's first studio albums received platinum status in the United States. The band won 17 music awards, including a Grammy Award.

We add that Sugarland pleases fans not so often - the duo's latest album, entitled The Incredible Machine, was released in the distant 2010 year. The album consisted of eleven tracks and was produced by Universal Music.

In the comments to the lyric video “Babe”, one of the fans of the duet under the name Levi directly indicates this. "I can't help but think about how strong it would be if Train and Taylor released it as a single in 2012-2013's." Most shared this view - a comment approved by YouTube users more than two thousand times (as of 23 on April 2018 of the year).

Country duet Sugarland. Photo courtesy of https://www.grammy.com

Regarding Taylor Swift, immediately after the Babe premiere, music critics were quick to conclude that her active participation in the BIGGER project indicates the singer’s return to country style. In the meantime, we only know about one participation of the star in something similar - in 2017, she wrote the track “Better Man” for the album “The Breaker” of the group “Little Big Town”.

Readers Bonus

Well, since you got to the end of the article, we offer you to listen to this album as a bonus. He is worth it. Track from Taylor Swift in it the seventh in a row.

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