Group "Hatti" shared the details of the shooting of the video "Zymahue"

In early January, the group "HATTI" presented a novelty - the track “Zymakhue” and a video shot on it in Elbrus region, on the plateau Kanzhal. We decided to ask the team members in more detail about the video shooting at the foot of Mount Elbrus and about the composition itself, the name of which translates as “Once” ....

- This word - “once” begins the overwhelming number of tales. What is your story about?

- We prefer to interpret this name like this: one fabulously spent day in the life of the group or any of the listeners of this composition.

The group "Hatti". Shooting a video for the song "Zymahue" ("Once")
The Hattie Group. Shooting a video for the song "Zymahue" ("Once")

- The picture really turned out fabulously beautiful! Tell us why you chose these locations?

- From the northern side of Elbrus, picturesque, mesmerizing views are opening. The very name of the mountain in Circassian sounds like “Iuschhemahuehue” (“Bright / Shining Peak”), is one of the symbols of the Adyghe cultural tradition that unites the time of the mythical Nartov and our modernity. Therefore, the place in all respects was suitable.

The group "Hatti". Shooting a video for the song "Zymahue" ("Once")
The Hattie Group. Shooting a video for the song "Zymahue" ("Once")

- So, everything turned out exactly as it was intended at the beginning?

- Initially, the idea of ​​the video was different, and it changed several times. In the end, we decided to show in the video the day spent together in a good mood. One day: from dawn to dusk, which will forever remain in our memory. And the best place for that day is of course the Kanjal Plateau, next to the top of the world and goodness - Mount Elbrus!

The group "Hatti". Shooting a video for the song "Zymahue" ("Once")
The Hattie Group. Shooting a video for the song "Zymahue" ("Once")

- Was it easy to make it happen?

- Despite the fact that we live relatively close to this mountain, finding it in such beauty is not an easy task and not everyone can manage, sometimes even throughout their entire life. We had to make repeated attempts to catch him with a loose, tight ring of guards from impenetrable clouds. In the end, nature rewarded our patience, and the two-headed giant appeared before us in an open and majestic look for the human eye, conveying the diversity of its beauty and indescribable aura. Upon arrival, the purpose of our arrival, fascinated by what we saw, we did not immediately remember - the picture that appeared to us was so impressive. We could not realize how long we stood motionless in absolute silence, contemplating the fullness and depth of the canvas created by nature.

- How long did it take you to shoot?

“They began at dawn and ended at the same sunset.”

- “Zimahue” is a light, very warm and kind track. What inspired you to write it?

- The story is very simple. It was a beautiful sunny day, Anzor Uvizhev (the author of the composition) was in a great mood. Inspired by the weather, he decided to write an ode to this beautiful and well-lived day.

The group "Hatti". Shooting a video for the song "Zymahue" ("Once")
The Hattie Group. Shooting a video for the song "Zymahue" ("Once")

- Incredible energy, the joy that you put into this clip is visible to the naked eye. Was it difficult to play in nature, outdoors? Problems with sound and installation of equipment did not interfere?

“It was interesting, although we already had some experience, and we prepared ourselves thoroughly for the shooting day. As mentioned above, the shooting itself took one day, but the preparation for it was carried out thoroughly and painstakingly, together with the film crew led by director Magomed Kumykov. In order to meet this one day, all the details of the shooting were carefully worked out and minutely painted: the script, the locations, the storyboard, the roles and much more.

- What are the projects now in the work of the group?

- We are always full of creative plans. In the near future we plan to release new singles and make clips on them. We are also working on our new album, which includes both compositions of our own composition and folk compositions in our original processing.

- We wish you good luck in this work and look forward to new products! And we offer our readers to watch the video clip “Zumahue” of the “HATTI” group again.