“Beautiful, Guilty” - a new song in a duet performance by charming singers Ilona Kesaeva и Victoria Elbaeva came out today!

The composition that female beauty, often causes envy and squabbles, wrote for artistes Margarita Biragovamade the arrangement Arthur Besaev.

The meaning of this song will surely seem close to all attractive girls, and the expressive character and irony inherent in the pen of a talented author gives the composition a special appeal and chic.

“Victoria and I have been working with Margarita for more than a year,” says Ilona, ​​“but we not only cooperate with her in creative terms, we are also good friends. We often have new ideas, joint projects and concerts. Margaret, having written this beautiful song, herself suggested that we sing it as a duet and presented it, for which we are very grateful! The composition is dedicated to all the beautiful girls who are always to blame for the fact that they attract a lot of attention! But in the chorus it is emphasized: "... I do not need a married man and gold, rich", this means - "if I go on foot, this does not mean that I went on the" hunt "!".

Listen and download the song "Beautiful guilty"

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