Nasheed artist Isa Esambaev became the hero of the television program “Tet-a-tet” on Vainakh. The Honored Artist of the Czech Republic talked about how his career began and how he turned from a standard genre singer into a nashid performer.

As it turned out, it all started with the fact that Isa had an unusual dream, in which his uncle reported that he had memorized the Quran and read it in a beautiful, soulful voice. When he woke up, the singer began, in reading the Koran, in every possible way to imitate the voice of his uncle, which he heard in his sleep. Thus came the realization of what he would do.

The artist also spoke about his joint project with “Zvuk-M” - the first album, entitled "The moon rose to heaven": about how they were selected and how the tracks were created, and about the shooting in the clip “Ya Ilahi”, where he had to play the “bad guy” to show the meaning of the performed nashid.

Also from the interview you will learn where Isa got a love for music, and who in his family instilled in him creative interests.

You can watch the program with Esambaev on YouTube right now, and download the album on all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music. Beeline music, Yandex Music.