Islam Gukov @islam_gukov dedicated a new composition to the Kabardino-Balkarian land. The song titled "Sea Kabehrdey" was written by the author Madina Berova and the composer Betal Ivanov.

Islam Gukov
Islam Gukov

“For me, pride is to be an adyge. I am glad that I was born and raised in the Caucasus, namely, in Kabardino-Balkaria! I love my republic and my people. And I want to convey these feelings through a new song, which says about love for the native land, its nature and culture. Here it is sung about how beautiful our Kabarda is! ”, Says Islam.

If you have not listened to the new song "Sea K'eberdey", we suggest you do it right now! The track is available for download on our website.

Listen and download Islam Gukov's song "Sea Qabberdey"

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