A festival of national cultures “Bridges of Friendship” was held in Moscow at the International House of Music, which was attended by artists from the famous TV projects “New Wave”, “Voice” and “Main Stage”.

Young and talented performers, representatives of cultures of various nations through the music made friendly bridges of solidarity, at the same time introducing the guests of the festival with the diversity of their richest cultures.

Shared his performances at the festival with fans Islam Satyrov. You can watch them on our website, and listen to and download the tracks of your favorite artist on all digital platforms.

People's Artist of the RSFSR Renat Ibragimov, Emil Kadyrov, Sevil Veliyeva, Vladimir Brilev, Ilya Yudichev, the duet “July”, the artist of the sound publishing house “Zvuk-M” Islam Satyrov and many others presented their creative performances to the audience.

Гости фестиваля смогли поучаствовать в мастер-классах по национальным танцам, в конкурсах и играх, фотосессии с элементами национальных костюмов и других развлечениях. Посетители мероприятия остались очень довольны и подчеркнули приятную, теплую атмосферу праздника и новых впечатлений.

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