Dance is a language that everyone understands without words, and a folk dance tune in processing Ramie daroka @rami_daroka - “Islamey” just keeps in itself a story about two lovers who, with the help of dance, were able to “tell” each other the most important thing ...

“One fine day, a young shepherd named Islam drew attention to an eagle and an eagle, circling in the azure sky, who soared in a circle, as if admiring each other from afar, and then flocked together, wanting to express something secret. Their flight reminded the young man of the hidden feelings in his heart and excited him. He remembered his beloved, and he also wanted to admire her, to tell her everything that had accumulated from him during the separation. But this did not soon succeed to him, and it was not so easy for the Circassians to meet with their chosen one. However, at one of the weddings he was lucky: he was invited to a dance with his beloved girl. Here he, imitating the manner of the eagles, applied a new dance pattern - movement in a circle. The girl understood his plan, and the young in their dance managed to express each other all their feelings. Since then, this dance was born, which was called "Islam" - "belonging to Islam," - the legend says.

Now, thanks to the new project Kavkaz Music Label - “Dances of the Caucasus”, we can also see the dance “Islamey” - directed by Azamat Ionov @azamat_ionov_09 and performance of ballet dancers of the State Dance Theater of the State Philharmonic of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic @theatre_dance_kchr - Azamat Ionov and Liana Kishmakhova @sky_1936.

Listen and download the composition of Rami Darok "Islamey"

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