Tomorrow Poetry Day is celebrated around the world, and for a music publishing company that works with many talented poets, this is also a special day. After all, they gave the public a lot of hits that won the love of listeners across the country.

One of these authors is Amirina. Her songs performed by southern stars are known and loved far beyond the Caucasus. One song "Kalym", performed by Murata Tkhagalegovawhat is worth! Almost immediately after the publication, it became an invariable part of the musical accompaniment of weddings of people of various nationalities. Hot, incendiary, memorable ...

How hits are born

But how are hits born? And is it possible to predict their birth? We decided to ask Amirina herself about this ...

- Amirina, tell me, please, how did your poetic activity start?

- The first poems appeared in my 12 age. In childhood, I was very fond of reading and often spent time with a book in my hand, reading another piece.

- What inspires you?

Amirina and Murat Tkhagalegov

- To create poems, probably, like every author, life itself inspires me. It seems to me that a creative person may notice that in ordinary life will remain imperceptible to others, and if you add a little more imagination, then it is quite possible that you will have a masterpiece!

- How did your songwriter start?

- It so happened that my poems were simultaneously born with music. I never took over the work of others, because it seemed to me that no one could convey and express my feelings as I myself. For almost eight years now, I have been collaborating with the music publishing company Sound M, and I am eternally grateful to him for the colossal support, for the development and maintenance of the culture as a whole!

- Tell the story of the creation of the track "Kalym".

- The text of the acclaimed hit "Kalym" appeared in me shortly before my acquaintance with Murat Thagalegov. The first work for him was the song "Native", which immediately fell in love with the audience. After that, without thinking twice, I suggested the track “Kalym”, and he “shot”!

- Did you expect then that “Kalym” would become an absolute hit?

- Nobody expected this. But the premonition that the song will be loved by the listeners was. After such a resounding success, my fellow artists literally bombarded me with requests to write songs for them, to repeat the success of this composition. But so far, it has not been possible to get closer to Kalym.

- What do you think is the success of this track?

- I think that this is an easy and memorable dancing melody, with clear text. The meaning of this song is that all wealth is nothing compared to real and sincere feeling!

- So, the statement that predicting the birth of a hit is almost impossible, right?

- Yes, it is very difficult to figure out that a new track may later become a hit, but there is always a slight feeling that this or that song will be more or less popular.

Amirina: “All wealth is nothing compared to real and sincere feeling!”

- Amirina, thank you very much for the conversation! We congratulate you on today's wonderful holiday and wish inexhaustible inspiration, bright ideas and, of course, new hits!