Francesco Digilio - Italian instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer, born in Corato, Bari province in 1970 year. For more than thirty years of musical career Digilio became famous for his refined style of work, great sense of rhythm and great taste, consolidating his success in more than a hundred albums and compilations, which are based on dance and jazz compositions.

Francesco Digilio's music is imbued with romance, harmony, bright dreams and unobtrusive rhythm, which the listener has the right to interpret each time according to his mood. One of the artist’s most commercially successful projects is The Shades Of Smooth Jazz, released in 2017.

For those who liked the work of Francesco Digilio, we suggest paying attention to the 2018 album of the year entitled “Sexy Smooth Jazz”. In it, Francesco clearly focuses on more dance music, somewhat distracting from the theme of the so-loved smooth jazz, but nevertheless remaining true to the ideas of romance and love.