Japanese singer Ito Chiaki unveils New Beginning video

伊藤 千 晃 ビ デ オ を 紹 紹 介 新 し し い 始 ま り is about the same, because Chiaki writes, speaks and sings in Japanese. It would be an amazing experience to give our readers the opportunity to show the premiere of this Japanese clip, which we are doing now using the Avex channel on YouTube - the official site of the Avex Network company, which is part of the Avex Group multimedia conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo.

Аки 千 晃 Itō Chiaki (伊藤 千 晃 Itō Chiaki) - Japanese singer, actress, dancer, model and former member of AAA's famous island group (Japanese pop group of 6 people, signed on Avex Trax, which debuted in September of 2005) .

Video series is filled with light, freedom, tenderness and hope. In general, the content of the song can be extrapolated to the following phrase: “Have the courage and reach the end. I went through many suitable places, and now I can say. Now I can understand that I will not return. I want to be ready to believe that I will leave again, and this will be a new beginning for me. ”

Now that we have practically understood the mindset of the Japanese, you can immerse yourself in the video.


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