We continue to open names from distant territories

Australia seems to us a mainland island at the end of the world, with amazing nature, expensive real estate, rare fauna, water scarcity and quality seafood.

Australia is also known throughout the world as one of the most hospitable countries with a rich cultural heritage, and it is a matter of legitimate pride for all twenty-three million of its population. Moreover, almost half (47%) of Australians are either from other countries or one of their parents was born abroad. More than 260 languages ​​are spoken in Australian homes, including English, Chinese, Italian, Arabic and many others.

Over the past decades, the names of excellent rock and pop music artists have appeared on the island, whose work allows not only a better understanding of the Australian population, but also a real pleasure from text and music. Jessica Mauboy, an 29-year-old native of the coast of the Timor Sea, has recently become one of the stars of the modern music scene of this far corner of the planet.

Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy. Photo courtesy of http://news.of.today
Jessica Mauboy. Photo courtesy of http://news.of.today

Jessica Hilda Mauboy was born 4 in August 1989 in the city of Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory (subject of the federation in Australia) - Australian R & B and pop singer, songwriter, actress.

Jessica started her musical career at 2004, at the age of 14, at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in Tamworth, Australia. In December, 2006 of the year was already signed with the record label Sony Music Australia (now Sony Music Entertainment Australia), which naturally led to the premiere of the debut live album “The Journey” in February 2007 of the year.

Jessica Mauba's first studio album "Been Waiting"

In November, 2008, in Sydney, under the patronage of All tracks label, the singer’s debut studio album entitled “Been Waiting” is released. At the time of the premiere, the singer is only nineteen years old, it was ten years ago, so sophisticated listeners can criticize him from the height of current dates for simplicity and lack of technology. But let's listen.

Jessica Mauba's second studio album, "Get 'Em Girls"

In November 2010, the singer released her second studio album, entitled “Get 'Em Girls”. The album is recorded in three cities in the United States - Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta, is perceived by music critics, as it is fashionable to say now - multidirectional, but as undoubtedly successful. The album consists of twenty-five tracks, in our opinion very fresh even today.

Jessica Mauba's third studio album, Beautiful

The singer’s third studio album titled “Beautiful” was released on 4 on October 2013 of the year, debuting at number three on the Australian album chart ARIA; today, according to the online store iTunes Store. Apple is her most successful album in the charts.

In 2016 and 2017, Jessica was noted for her full participation in the filming of an Australian series called “The Secret Daughter”, where she not only acted as an actress, but also wrote two full albums for two seasons, each of which performed in a characteristic optimistic manner. In addition to pop and R & B tracks, we also find variations on the theme of country music.

Well, in the finale of our article, we cannot but share the last work of the singer called “We Got Love”. “Never give up because you have love,” Jessica says in this song, and she is certainly right.

Photo in the top provided by snmsaustralia.com.au