Jessie J (Jessie J; real name Jessica Ellen Cornish - British singer and songwriter. Known in the world of show business since 2011, after the premiere of her debut album "Who You Are".

Before we take a quick tour of Jessica’s biography, we offer to energize her video for the song “Bang Bang.” The video was filmed in 2014 with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj under the direction of famous American music video artist Hannah Davis.

Jessie J was born 27 March 1988, in London, in a family of working class representatives - Stephen Cornish - a social worker and Rose Cornish - a nanny in kindergarten. At the age of four she began to practice ballet, then step, then modern dance, jazz and acting. She danced the steppe and at the same time sang whole albums of terrible quality, written for relatives for Christmas and already then wore a wig. In addition, she had to spend time at the Great Ormond Street Hospital due to heart problems, and after the procedures she was sometimes released to attend rehearsals. In general, it was difficult to imagine that a global star is growing, however, this has happened. With time.

Jessie wrote her first song, “Big White Room,” in 17 years, based on her memories of being in a hospital six years before and talking to a boy from the ward who had a serious heart surgery. At night, he began to pray, to ask God to grant him life, and the next day he died. Jessie, at the same time, wanted to write a song about this incident that shook her, but she felt she was still not mature enough. Later, the song was posted on YouTube and was a success; about seventy cover versions were made on it. And if many people think that they learned about Jessica from YouTube, then this is a mistake: she started uploading her first videos four years after signing the contract.

In 2010, Jessica’s debut single titled “Do It Like a Dude” reached number two in the UK Singles Chart. The second single of the singer - "Price Tag" - in February 2011, headed the UK Singles Chart and many other charts around the world. The video for this track took 22 place in the list of the most viewed clips of all time. Today it has been viewed more than 600 a million times. And the song is, of course, very recognizable. You often heard it on the radio, but you didn’t know who sings or what it is called. Now you can watch the clip itself.

25 February 2011 of the year saw the release of the debut studio album "Who You Are", which immediately hit the top ten charts in many countries. After the release of the album, Jessie released the third single, "Nobody's Perfect", and the fourth single was the song "Who's Laughing Now". “Domino” became the fifth single from the album and the second single for the USA.

In 2014, Jessie recorded a joint song “Calling All Hearts” with DJ Cassidy and American singer Robin Tick for the DJ album “Paradise Royale”. 29 July 2014, the premiere of the single "Bang Bang", the clip on which we looked at the very beginning.

In 2015, the singles Flashlight and Bang Bang performed by Jessica were featured on the soundtrack of the American comedy 2 Perfect Voice. The video “Flashlight” on the singer's channel, based on the backstage of the picture, with more than 470 millions of views, deserves to once again admire Jessica's vocal and acting talents.

Releasing just a few singles from 2015 to 2017 this year, Jessica delighted fans in 2018 with her fourth album, ROSE, which was divided into four consecutive mini-parts. The records were released under the label Republic Records by producers DJ Camper and Cook Harrell.

The latest work this year was the single "Love Will Save The World", presented on 24 August. The track came out very melodious and deservedly entered the list of Jessica’s best songs according to Yandex.Music. We offer to listen.