American singer John Legend has released an album "A Legendary Christmas"

10 winner of Grammy awards in various nominations and Oscar-winner John Legend suggests his audience to prepare for the upcoming winter holidays in advance: October 26 2018, the performer finished a large-scale project called “A Legendary Christmas” - an album completely dedicated to Christmas theme and everything connected with it . The album was produced by the three-time Grammy Award winner Rafael Sadik, and Stevie Wander and Esperanza Spalding participated in the recordings of some of the tracks. Not only covers of popular holiday songs, but also six new songs about Christmas came on the record.

Despite the continuity of rhythm-and-blues masters of previous generations noted in John’s recordings, the singer does not shy away from hip-hop influences. In addition, in the 2011, John Legend opened his own film company, “Get Lifted Film Company”. The channel of the singer on YouTube is also quite popular, his audience today is more than four and a half million people. The artist’s latest work, titled “A Good Night,” released in April, has been viewed over seven million times over 2018. We offer to join.