Kaisyn Kholamkhanov's album of songs has been released in Balkar language

“Zhuuuk baryim katynga” (“Next to you”) - this is the name of the new album Kaisyna Kholamkhanova @kaisin_kholamkhanovwhich contains 10 compositions in Balkar language, written over the past 5 years and united by one theme - they are all about love.

Kaisyn Kholamkhanov
Kaisyn Kholamkhanov

“This is a wonderful feeling that unites us all, and in the language of which we speak from childhood - love for mother and father, for our Homeland, for our people, for a girl, for everything beautiful! These compositions are constant companions of my "wedding" repertoire. Especially popular among them is “Zhuuuk lamy katynga,” which is why I decided to name the album in this way, ”says the singer.

Listen and download Kaisyn Kholamkhanov's album “Zhuuuk baryim katinga”

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