Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea Aidamir Eldarov became the new hero of the video interview recorded in the project radio station "Caucasus Hit".

The songs of the most popular artists of the Caucasus sound round the clock on the radio "Caucasus Hit": "golden hits" and the latest innovations. We used to listen to our favorite performers, but we would also like to learn more about them, see what they are out of the stage: what do they think, dream about, what difficulties in life have they encountered, and what can please them every day?

For this, the project was conceived, where artists respond to completely different, and sometimes completely unexpected questions from the presenter.

Recently, the studio was visited by the beloved singer Aidamir Eldarov, who spoke about his childhood, hobbies, family, art, phobias and addictions. For example, did you know that the artist likes to fall asleep under the films of Leonid Gaidai, and the “Little Mammoth Song” always makes him cry? From the video you will learn many interesting things, as well as be able to hear the artist singing the songs of his idols and reading his favorite poems.

Stay tuned for Kavkaz Heath and don't miss the interview with Aydamir Eldarov in our groups and on the YouTube channel!