Caucasian music. What artists listen to Instagram bloggers of Cherkessk?

Karina Kambieva @kambievakarina

(Content manager)

Karina Kambieva

Karina Kambieva

- What do you think are the advantages of Caucasian music?

- The advantage of Caucasian music is its originality, traditional folklore and its colorfulness. For centuries, it conveyed the traditions of mountain peoples, and, despite the fact that over the years it has changed many times, each nation has its own individuality and depth of sound.

- What is your favorite song on the Caucasian stage?

- I don’t know why, but the song of Lelia Urchukova “Jura” touched me very much. As a child of a new generation, I know little about Caucasian performers, but one day she unexpectedly started playing from a speaker in our home, and at that moment my window opened into the world of folk music.
But if we talk about the stage, it will definitely be Alexander Gum!

- What other artists are you listening to?

- I do not have any specific favorite artists, but the basis of musical taste was formed in the car of my father. Most often they played (and still play) British rock bands, a bit of light country music. Well, with age I added Rap, Hip-Hop and, of course, electronic music to this list.
Even my young man used to write electronic music, but now he is engaged in shooting commercial clips for local pop singers.

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