Natella Chamba @chambanatell presented today an album called "Abazashta". The track list includes songs in Abaza language.

Homeland - so much in this word. In it, and the friends with whom they played in the yard, and the smell of rose bushes around the house, this is unlimited love and responsibility for everything that surrounds you, this is the parental home, this is peace. "Abazashta" - native Abaza land. It is this topic that the new album of Natella Chamba reveals. He combined in himself all that is especially valuable both for the performer and for the whole nation.

"Abazashta" - native Abaza land. It is this topic that the new album of Natella Chamba reveals.
"Abazashta" - native Abaza land. It is this topic that the new album of Natella Chamba reveals.

The album features 8 tracks and each one is a small story, a piece of traditional heritage. We asked Natella to share with us her stories on the tracks.

Natella Chamba
Natella Chamba

“I love these songs, I really value them. Each of them is a part of my soul and the memory of the most important thing in my life, says Natella, in the song Abazashta (Traditions of Abaz), it is about the Abaza traditions, about how beautifully the bride is married, and with what warmth meet her in a new family. “Amyz - Amyz” (“My Moon”) is a song about a girl who asks the moon to help her loved one find a way to her.
“Akhvlapyn GIatalI” (“The Night Has Come”) tells the sad story of a girl who waited tirelessly for her husband on the bank of the Inzhich-Chukun River at night. She did not know that the nights hid the secrets of the betrayal of her husband, and only Luna witnessed this.
“Guvy the elbow is a lever” (“My friends”) - here it is about my friends, about my childhood in the village of Krasny Vostok. I dedicate this song to them, it is filled with memories and good wishes.
“Mamadou Rose” (“Grandma Rose”) is a special song for me. I loved my grandmother very much. By the way, she was a great harmonist! I dedicated this song to her, her beauty and richness of spirit. About how she raised us in spiritual warmth and care.
“Gvym” (“Red East”) is sung about the native expanses of the Red East, about the land - a lullaby, about friends, and, in general, about the culture of the Caucasus. “Murat Fyr” (“Hero Murat”) - a composition about how a young girl fell under the spell of an evil witch and sat in captivity, in her possession and sewed a caftan with golden threads. The girl often wondered if there was a man in the world, what would save her, and to whom she would give this caftan. Glorious Murat - the hero, resorted to the spell that release her. “AchkIvyn Fyr” (“About War”) is a song about the day of victory about veterans who went through the war with dignity.
Many of these songs were once included in the compilation "HIgva ytymtsIuash auaradkva" ("Abaza songs. Unforgettable"), released by "Alashara" (International Association for the Development of the Abaza-Abkhazian Ethnos Ed.) that helped start my creative journey.
I would like to express special gratitude to Mousse Khabalevich Ekzekov, the head of the Alashar organization! I thank him for his support, for helping his people, and for uniting them and restoring their history and traditions! For me it is important to preserve the beauty of the native language, my language and my people are my pride! And this is the main thing in my work!
Also, I would like to thank Albert Tlyacheva for the fact that he noticed me and did not pass by my talent and opened me to my people! ”

We suggest you to get acquainted with the album “Abazashta” right now - to listen and download it.

Listen and download Natella Chamba's album "Abazashta"

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