New instrumental album of a famous musician Timur Losanova @timur_losan included 7 compositions, among which, besides the author's works, the listener will also get acquainted with the melodies of the cafe, which were performed in the old days.

Timur Losanov
Timur Losanov

Timur Losanov: “The album“ Idzhirey ”is distinguished by its free spirit and consists of tracks, processed with a modern approach. Here are used chords and backing vocals, not inherent in folk music. With the difference in the authors of the works, they are still equalized by the style of the Adyghe traditional music, and the key role is played by the fact that the main harmonica parts are played by one musician - this is a unifying factor. I hope my author's instrumental tracks, which already sound at different venues, will represent a part of me among the great maestros!
The author's compositions in the album echo the melodies of the cafe of the times of my grandmother. These works are the “golden age” of the Adyg musical modernity. I could not get past them. I tried to show my vision while preserving the originality and recognizability of respected authors. ”

This time the co-authors of the album are Blitz Ivanova and Zoya Kudayeva. Maestro talked more about getting to know them:

“I still found the respected Zoya Kudaev, to which I am very happy. Her chosenness and majesty before my eyes and now. The great woman gave birth to a great work. And Blitz Ivanova for me is a story, and, undoubtedly, beautiful. Her bright way of singing her own accordion still sounds grand and unsurpassed in its texture. I pay tribute to our great predecessors, on whose shoulders there was a great burden! ”, Comments Timur.

The time has come to get acquainted with Timur Losanov’s album “Idzhirey”. Listen and download the novelty on our website and do not forget to share with friends!

Listen and download Timur Losanov's album "Idzhirey"

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