Today the premiere of the new album Betala Ivanova @betal_ivanov - “Sy adygashch” (“I am adyg”). Fresh, but at the same time traditional sound of melodies allow the listener to plunge into the soul of the Adyghe culture, to feel its restraint, tact and strength. The album is filled with love for the native people and culture.

We decided to learn from Betal, what was the inspiration for him when working on this project. To this question, the artist answered: “The values ​​and moral principles that Adyghe Khabze instills. With the help of these songs, I would like to reach people, remind them of the forgotten, preserve and develop the rest. Fortunately, lately, young people are more interested than before. This is very good, because it says that the direction in which we work is correct and you should try to create something interesting in this way.

I am convinced that the modern Adyg must keep up with the times, but not neglect the norms and values ​​that are established by Adyghe Khabze ”.

We offer you to download and listen to Betal Ivanov's album “Sy adygashch”!

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