A new song in Kabardian language appeared in the repertoire of Azamat Bekov

The song entitled "Xi Daha" was written by the author of the words Hassan Shardanov and music - Arsen Zhilyaev.

Azamat Bekov
Azamat Bekov

“Adygs always knew how to express themselves beautifully in their feelings through dance, song. Travelers in the Caucasus in their memoirs wrote with admiration about the Circassian code of honor - “Adyghe habze”, about the beautiful way to stay in the saddle and dance, about the unique, original clothing created by the skilled craftsmen of gold embroidery. The brilliance of inner culture and appearance is the standard left by the ancestors of present generations. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of a girl swan swimming in a cafe, and therefore, it was at the mass festivities of Jagu that loving hearts usually found each other. Let the song sound like an invitation to a dance, as an explanation of feelings! ”- commented Azamat Bekov @aza_bek.

Listen and download the song of Azamat Bekov "Xi Daha"

Lyrics of Azamat Bekov's "Si Daha"

Przyne Mekhamam Si Makyar DecIuu
Wered Syusyr Ue Zhekhapynsch
PhueshI lagunyung ar nykIelykIueu
GushIem KyiIukIyr Se Oe BjesIenshch

KaefakIe dahar zi pkyym kyheshshu
Kyuu Hugh GuakIuascheu Si DahakIey
Ue zym syphuyeschi unague guascheu
C dj kjak

Se sykhyhashchi utyku kefapIem
Wary KydekIyt Si DahakIey
GufIegue LapIem UrishIedzapIesh
Ue pshascha guakIuer serrat uzeyr

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