Artist: Ruslan Kaytmesov @ruslan_kaitmesov_official
Song Name: "Jerokai"

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Lyrics by Ruslan Kaitmesov “Jerokai”

How beautiful is our Adygea!
Nartami sung the land
Mountain peaks, whitewashed in hats
And in the valleys are grain fields.

Jerokai - aul favorite childhood,
I spent the best years there,
Jerokai aul darling,
Jerokai aul is beautiful,
Jerokai - be happy forever
Fars river, rushing from the Caucasus mountains
Rugged, obstinate as a doe
Our Jerokai athletes
Adygea and Kuban are glorified!

For me there is nothing nicer in the world!
What a native village, father’s land!
And observing the laws of their ancestors
Aulchan glorify - Jerokai!

Adyghe verse and chorus:

Anah h1igu kabezu, nahy k1asem
Ti adyghe lepky
Hakum Kyoje Dehe Aji Hahye!
And si jyraky! hat pes

Dzhyraky, se igrumum ilir ora
SX1elagur se as syzgyekxNUMX
Kyojo gupseu si1er ora
Gukek1Zhyuu si1er Ory
Jyraky se sypse uheat1

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