New song premiered Zaura Thagalegova @thagalegov_zaur - “MazetsIykIu” (“Lunushka”), written by the poet and composer Anzor Haup.

Zaur Thagalegov
Zaur Thagalegov

“This song is about a guy’s love for a girl. The action takes place in the village, the guy leaves his house and his face spreads out in a smile when he sees his beloved. He waits for a meeting with her every evening and now she finally happens: with a shining moon, with shooting stars ...
“The gleam of her eyes was remembered to me as well as the sunrise at dawn, and like the first pouring rain of October, and like the little moon that lit up her smile,” the song says. This is a love song - warm, tender, dear to the heart, ”comments the author of the single.

Listen and download Zaur Tkhagalegov’s song “MazetsIykIu”

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