The song "Glorious Time" by Khalifa and ADAMa

To love, losing sleep and peace. Is it possible? The answer to this question is in a new track. Khalifa и ADAMreleased today.

Listen and download the song Khalifa and ADAMa "Glorious Time"

“Nice time” is the first joint project of performers. He was born spontaneously in the process of working on a song written by Khalif, the arrangement for which was made by ADAM.
“It doesn’t matter what genre the track sounds for, the most important thing for me is to convey all those feelings and emotions that are in it,” Khalif comments, “to everyone who was waiting for this premiere, respect!” I hope you enjoy the song. All the best is yet to come! ”
Having presented a novelty, the artists are discussing the possibility of filming a video for this song, so perhaps in the near future, a new video is also waiting for fans of their work.

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