If you have not yet seen the heartbreaking story of how past relationships, breaking into our lives, destroy new feelings, be sure to watch Manvel Pashayan’s new video.

Less than a month has passed since the release of the video titled “Breaking Your Soul”, and the video has already scored 500 000 views.

The secret of the success of this project lies in the penetrating performance of Manvel's poems by Igor Blotsky, the arrangement of Artur Ghazaryan, as well as the excellent directorial work of Harut Tevosyan. This is a story filled with deep feelings and love experiences, which makes you empathize with the heroes and unwittingly put yourself in their place, answering the question “how would I act in this situation?”. Should I forgive mistakes? Do we know how to appreciate what life gives us? And will there be a happy ending for a story begun with a hoax? .. The video “Breaking Your Soul” gives you a huge ground for reflection.

This track was included in the new album “Long-awaited”, which the artist released recently. Album available at iTunes, Google Play и Yandex.Music.