On the YouTube channel “Zvuk-M” a new music video appeared - clip “AG JAN” “Ra-pa-pa”!

“AG JAN” is a young team that has emerged recently, but has already managed to catch the fancy of the audience with its dynamic tracks.

“We were united by music,” say Armen and Gev, “we are not only colleagues, but also good friends, and we get great pleasure from work. For the future, we have planned many large projects over which we are actively working. To surprise listeners is our main task. We know how to do it and will be able to translate it! ”.

In the new clip, Armen and Geva - the night lights of the big city, hot dances and even sports everyday life! How is all this related? Very simply - the guys decided to share with you their energy:

“With this video we wanted to present love and positive to our viewers. After all, it is these feelings that make the hearts beat, the people - smile, and the earth - spin! Therefore, they chose the center of the country for filming - they were filmed in the Moscow-City locations, they worked for two days. It was very fun and exciting! A great team and actors, new acquaintances and a great experience, ”say the group members.

You can see what came out of this now on the website or on our YouTube channel. Enjoy watching!