July 30 music publishing company “Zvuk-M” celebrated its 18-th birthday!

Since the founding of the company for the protection of rights and the promotion of artists, authors and performers, it has earned undisputed authority in the music market and is currently leading in the South of Russia.

During this time, a long way has been traveled from publishing first audio cassettes, then CDs and DVDs with a selection of clips and live performances by local artists, to an extensive digital product release.

It seems that quite recently the audience was looking forward to the release of the collections “New Year Light”, “Stars of the Caucasus” and other concerts for which the Sound-M team collected the most popular performers to record and subsequently replicate their songs and videos. These clips then turned all the local channels, these songs sounded from all the cars passing by.

Much time has passed since then, the list of artists has grown significantly, and the volume of products produced by the publishing house is increasing every day. “Zvuk-M” is currently working with performers throughout Russia and the CIS. The quality of music and video products has improved, the range of publishing services has increased significantly.

Thanks to the work of a professional team assembled from experts in various fields, the entire publishing catalog is accessible to listeners in the digital market.

None of the current trends has passed the company, but, nevertheless, there is still a lot of work ahead, because the world is changing rapidly, technologies are improving, and the market, as before, “requires spectacles.”

The head of Sound-M, Mikhail Yugov, spoke about how the company was created, what difficulties it had to face, as well as about the work of the publishing house and its plans for the future ...

- Mikhail Yuryevich, tell us how it all began?

- We started with the usual production, as contractors. We had production facilities that worked on orders. But then the idea came to mind, it became interesting, will national music enter the market? Will it be in demand? So actually, at first everything was conceived rather as an experiment. We tried it and it was a success!

- Ever gone 18 years. Today, what do you consider the biggest achievement of “Zvuk-M”?

- The most important thing the company managed to do was to create a market for Caucasian music. Perhaps by itself the concept of "Caucasian music" has been used in everyday life before, but we opened a separate segment under the show business.
There was a market in which the work of creative people became popular. Now arrangers, clipmakers, authors, performers and musicians could realize their abilities and at the same time receive money for it. Because there was a platform on which all these products were sold. Zvuk-M organized new business opportunities for these profiles.
So the biggest merit of the company is that we have created, promoted and are still promoting the Caucasian music market.

- But success stories are not without difficulties. What you had to face?

- They arose when we decided to independently engage in digital sales. From 2006 to 2011, we worked through Russian intermediaries. In our region, there were no specialists who at least roughly understood the device of the digital market. Therefore, observing the work of our Moscow partners, we studied, drew conclusions, took the good and removed the bad.
From 2012 to 2013, active negotiations were held with directors of digital platforms with directors. They were successful, and we began to post our tracks ourselves, began to independently promote our content, and over time, through trial and error, we gained experience and mastered this aspect of publishing.

- Digital sales, of course, opened up new opportunities. Which of the projects "Sound-M" was the most successful in this regard?

- I can select the track and the clip “To the disco!”. What are its advantages? Firstly, we very persistently and methodically promoted this track and video and achieved certain success in this. Secondly, the most top Caucasian singers were involved in the project. Thirdly, Sultan Khazhiroko created a very interesting thing - the track itself. And in conclusion, the One Light Studio company, under the leadership of Bisher Yeroko, shot an excellent clip, which immediately won the love of the audience. So the success of this project is the result of the work of a huge team, on which we are guided so far.

- This is the case with popular artists, but you also promote hundreds of young performers who are just taking their first steps in show business. Tell us, by what criteria do you select musicians?

- For us, all artists are equal and important as people, as creative personalities. We highlight those who distinguish us. This means that a lot depends on the person: how loyal he is to the company, ready to work on himself, work with us on his promotion, listen to our opinion, try to make a successful product. Therefore, the main criterion is the desire to become an artist, perseverance and hard work in working on yourself, and we will help with the rest!

- In order to do this kind of work fully, you plan to open your own production center in the future. Please tell us about this and the publishing plans for the future.

- We have big plans: create a production department that will promote individual projects. This is a slightly different direction. Now "Sound-M" is engaged in digital distribution, but soon there will be even greater opportunities to engage in the promotion of performers "from and to".
In addition, we plan to develop a concert activity. Today the company is looking for experienced organizers, directors, distributors in different regions of Russia and the CIS countries throughout the country. Slowly, we carefully study this market and plan to launch such a project in the future.

- We wish you success in these endeavors and once again congratulate you on the company's birthday! Thank you for the interview.

Artists of the music publishing house congratulated the staff of the company on their birthday. Watch the video!