Concert of the Adyghe music "UredKafeGushy1e" will be held in Nalchik

Popular artists of the Caucasus are waiting for you at the March 13 concert

A rich concert program awaits residents and guests of Nalchik on March 13. In the House of Trade Unions there will be an evening of humor, dance and songs - “WiredKafeGushy1e”.

Famous Caucasian artists will present their compositions on this evening to the guests: Olga Sakurova, Azamat Bekov, Azamat Tsavkilov, Islam and Karina Kish, Renata Beslaneeva, Tatyana Tretyak, Betal Ivanov, Rezuan Maremukov, Charim Ozrokov and many others.

The event starts at 18.00. Inquiries by phone: + 7 (866) 240-7161