19 and 20 October in Moscow will be the fifth International Vocal Competition named after the national artist of the USSR, singer and composer Muslim Magomayev.

This competition is held every two years, and in order to become a participant, special music education or student status at a music college or college is considered mandatory.

At the moment, the selection stage is underway: an independent commission will allow the in-person demonstration of suitable performers between the ages of 20 and 35.

October 19 they will perform classical and pop works.

October 20 will be the final of the competition, which will be dedicated to the memory of Muslim Magomayev. Here, singers must perform compositions from his repertoire. The participants will be accompanied by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra and maestro Dmitry Yurovsky.

Will pass the final at Crocus City Hall. The winners will be awarded a gold, silver and bronze medal, as well as cash prizes.

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