The premiere of the album “Mar de Colores” by Alvaro Soler

Thirteen incendiary Latin American tracks were released as part of the new album by Spanish singer Alvaro Soler (Mar De Colores).

Alvaro Tauchert Soler (Spanish Álvaro Tauchert Soler), better known to fans as Alvaro Soler, is a Spanish-German singer and composer (born in Barcelona, ​​moved to Germany in 2014 year), became famous for his single "El mismo sol", released in Switzerland in the summer of 2015, as part of the album "Eterno Agosto".

The premiere of Mar De Colores saw the light of Universal Music 7 on September 2018, and immediately won the hearts of the fans.

Alvaro Soler's video "La Cintura"

In March, 2018, Alvaro Soler released the lead single from his second album, the dance track "La Cintura", in which he called for overcoming the complexes and learning how to dance. An ironic song in the spirit of Latin, a loud summer hit, visited the top 10 European charts and became twice platinum in Italy and Spain. Musical critics agree that the premiere album “Mar De Colores” was a kind of continuation of this track, primarily in terms of mood and optimism. And, if you liked the album “Mar De Colores”, then it makes sense to get acquainted with the video for the song “La Cintura”. Today, 123 has already been made by a million people.



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