Executor Kaisyn Kholamkhanov @kaisin_kholamkhanov with the support of the music label "Kavkaz Music" released a mini-album called "Tang Zhulduzum" ("Morning Star").

The track list includes 5 tracks in Russian and Balkar languages. The main theme of the songs presented in the EP - of course, love ...

Kaisyn Kholamkhanov
Kaisyn Kholamkhanov

“In my repertoire there are a lot of songs on various topics, but a special place has always been occupied by songs about love for the beautiful half of society, without which life would not be so interesting, vivid and would not make much sense,” says Kaisin. The album contains only a small part of them. Love, in my opinion, is the most pure and sincere feeling. People say: “beauty will save the world,” and I believe that it is precisely the power of “love”! ”

The album is available for listening and downloading on our website, as well as on the sites of all major digital services.

Listen and download the album "Tang Zhulduzum" by Kaisyn Kholamkhanov

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