“Djyrla, Djuregim” (“Sing, heart”) is the name of the album of the famous singer Lydia Batchaevareleased today. The track list includes 10 tracks in Russian and Karachai languages. The artist wrote the music for these singles herself.

“In my songs I always try to open my soul to my native Caucasus, to all who live here and beyond. Friendship, love, goodwill, understanding each other - this is the most important thing in this world. Anyone who loves his people, his homeland, will never offend another nation with words or deeds, another people, another faith, another's homeland. Therefore, love for one’s people, for one’s Motherland — this is love and respect for others living on this beautiful land. How much I will live, how much I will bring love through my songs to each other.

Listen and download the album "Jyrla, Djuregim" on our website.

Listen and download Lidia Batchaeva's album “Djyrla, Djuregim”

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