“Suzy Zarda” - the so-called new composition in Ossetian language, performed Oksana Dzhelieva @oksana_dzhelieva_official and published today.

Oksana Dzhelieva
Oksana Dzhelieva

“Sometimes there are many disappointments in life, and you are waiting for true love. If a new feeling has knocked on you, do not wait, you need to open the doors and hurry to this love! Rejoicing at her arrival is what this song is about. We translated the name as “Heart hurts,” because it sounds better, but literally “heart burns”. Burning with new love. After all, when you wait for her, your heart burns, it hurts in her expectation. It’s necessary to open the door to a new love, because time is fleeting, be sure to let it in! ”Says the artist.

Listen and download the single “Suzy Zarda” right now on our website.

Listen and download Oksana Dzhelieva’s song “Suzy Zarda”

Lyrics of Oksana Dzhelieva "Suzy Zarda"

Suzy zarda, suzy ..
Foot warzt kyod bahosta dem
Revds Föhlou,
Ivgyuid Tsard at Terchy Donau,
Fourd Dam Nou
Kad yertsidi oarzty regest,
Going away
Yonghyomo Kyosin, tagd yortsu mem,
Kuryn de ..
Suzy zerdo, suzy, basygyd fyr uarztey,
Huazar kuy baha'ud ,, bast at the fast.
Yonyo deuyuy, Kuyd Rissa, oh my dick hai,
Yonyo deuyuyu feotsёrёn nal is, nal myn ny.

Aguyrtam kёrodziyi max
rye rye.
Amondoy Udyem kёd Roch
Gyee ёdder.
My My Hur Ballidysty
neo femeldmyo
Nkjard udysty style
Daeumyo bölgyo.

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