The premiere of the album Lenny Kravitz "Raise Vibration"

7 September 2018, a famous American multi-instrumentalist Lenny Kravitz (full name - Leonard Albert Kravitz, presented his new energetic album called “Raise Vibration” to the audience.

“Raise Vibration” - Kravitz's eleventh studio album, released under the patronage of Roxie Records. On board of the release are twelve tracks played in tandem with long-time partners of the artist, guitarist Craig David Ross and keyboard player David Baron.

The album is distinguished by multidirectional texts, for example, in the song “It's Enough”, Kravitz raises the topic of countering corporate greed, political corruption and racism, while the track “Low” is devoted to more prosaic, but no less complex issues of relationships between people. According to critics, “Raise Vibration” turned out to be whole and alive, and really “enhances your vibration.”

В Rolling Stone interview Kravitz, describing the album, admitted, quote: “This is what I was waiting for. And as soon as I started this process, the floodgates opened, and all this began to come out of me ... ” We offer to listen and evaluate the results of the artist.

Video for the track “Low” from the album “Raise Vibration”

The song "Low" was released as a single and video six weeks before the album premiere. The video clip “Low” is available for viewing on the official Kravitz channel, and we, following an established tradition, invite you to watch it right now. The video is original and leads the viewer to an unusual ethnic culture, shot using the effect of an old movie. Fans have already rated the video as a “swinging, dreamy and sensational funky atmosphere.”

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