Not so long ago, a debut album appeared on the shelves of all the digital stores in the world. Olga Baskaev oh​​ "Dislike"which has already appeared in the charts of “iTunes” and “Apple music” of Russia.

Inspired by this success, the singer immediately began to work on new songs. At the moment, in the project, according to her, there are three tracks and one clip.

“The first two tracks are pretty serious. One will be in the style of chanson, the other - with oriental notes. And I specially wrote the third composition to dilute the material. It is easier, positive, summer, but, despite this, it has a deep meaning. It is about not holding on to what is not yours. Everyone has their own way, their own fate, and one day, in any case, everyone will find their soul mate. You just have to trust your heart, your intuition and everything will be all right! ”, Says Olga.

Although the artist is not in a hurry to voice the title of the last track, she has already thought about the clip: “It will be a fun, rather funny video. Now I am determined with images and locations, and I plan to start shooting at the beginning of next month. ”

According to the performer, the material will be fully filmed by July 10, and with the premiere it is not going to delay. So stay tuned! A novelty will surely appear on YouTube channel "Sound-M".