Lilia Shaulukhova, her husband Alim Shibzukhov and their son Hasan.

On International Women's Day, we congratulate all girls, girls and women on the holiday, which, together with spring, brings warmth and love to our souls. Everything starts to bloom around, nature wakes up from a nap and gives us hope that the world around will become brighter and kinder. The heart beats differently, and we hasten to share this with the closest. And the closest person is, of course, Mom. She was the first to give us warmth and care, and it was she who was the first to rush to congratulate 8 March.

There are many artists on our stage who raise children and try not to deprive their family of attention, despite the tight tour schedule. Among the newly minted Moms is one of the most charming singers on the Caucasian stage - Lilia Shaulukhova, which in a month will celebrate the first birthday of his son. In honor of 8 March, we decided to talk to her about motherhood ...

Lilia Shaulukhova: "Being a mother is the most wonderful feeling in the world!"
Lilia Shaulukhova: “Being a mother is the most wonderful feeling in the world!”

- Lily, how has your life changed since the birth of Hassan?

- Everything has changed completely: my world, my life, my day and night, my interests - everything is now connected with my son. I hardly part with it even for 10 minutes!
Being a mother is the most wonderful feeling in the world! It is not easy, but very interesting. The dearest people help me - mothers: mine and husband. They are always by my side. Without them, I do not even know what I would do, how I would have done it. Thank you for having them!

- In raising a child, do you use the same methods as your mother?

“I think we all follow in the footsteps of our parents and raise our children in the way we were raised.” We try not to scold Hassan, but to explain what and why, to talk more. Well, there are things that, of course, have to forbid. For example, when the fingers in the outlet wants to shove. (laughs)

- Well, do you sing songs for him at night?

- Yes, I sing. Basically, “Good night, kids”, but even then improvisation often begins: in the text I insert about my son, I change the motive.

- And in honor of whom the baby Hassan called?

- In honor of the grandfather from the husband. He loved Alim very much and did not hide that this was his most beloved grandson of all. When the husband was still at university, he dreamed of grandfather Hassan and said: “You will have a boy as the first child”. When I was later pregnant, and we were determined the sex of the child, the question with the name was decided by itself. We immediately began to call him already in his tummy Hassanchik.

- Miracles! Besides the name, did he inherit anything from his grandfather? Who looks like in appearance and character?

- Looks at all a little bit. He did not cheat anyone, he took all the best from everyone. But by the nature I still can not understand. Although, for example, the word "no" for him is like a red rag for a bull! (laughs) Immediately start. Probably stubborn - in mom and impatient - in dad. So far, only noticed it. I am afraid to list good qualities in order not to jinx it.
- Lily, becoming a mother, did you start to understand your mother better?

- Definitely. I began to appreciate my mum more and respect all other moms in her face. After all, motherhood is not just playing and lisping, it’s not sleeping at night, worrying about every breath, constantly and tirelessly watching the baby. But all these efforts are pleasant, because you know for sure that it is worth it.

- What would you like to wish all the mothers on March 8 Day?

- May our mommies be always with us! Healthy and happy. So that they watch our happiness, because for them this is the most important thing, and we watch their happiness, because for us this is the main thing! Happy holiday!

In the photo: Lily, her husband Alim Shibzukhov and their son Hassan.